Disruption in Trucking Industry: A Golden Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

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Hello there! This is Dylan from Box Trucks of Jacksonville, and today I want to talk about the current disruption in the trucking industry. Now, you might be thinking, “Disruption? That doesn’t sound good!” But hold on, don’t click away just yet. This disruption could spell a huge opportunity for those of you looking to get into the trucking business.

If you haven’t heard, the trucking giant Yellow Corp. has been pushed into bankruptcy.  The company was one of the largest transporters of goods in the world.  It turns out, Yellow’s legal trouble combined with unpaid debt and questionable pricing strategy was enough to close the doors.

You can read the full story here.

Fortune has a great article as well

What will become of the 30,000 or more drivers currently employed by the company will remain to be seen.  But that’s not all.  The trucking industry is undergoing significant changes due to a host of changes.  Advancements in technology, new regulations, and demand shifts are changing the way we ship goods. From autonomous driving to eco-friendly electric trucks, the old norms are being challenged.

While this may seem like horrible news to established trucking companies, for entrepreneurs, it could be a blessing in disguise. 

If you didn’t know, my name is Dylan, and I am the finance manager here at Box Trucks of Jacksonville.  My passion is helping entrepreneurs! I love nothing more than taking someone’s business to the next level.  

I have met hundreds and hundreds of small business owners over the years.  And do you want to know what the most successful of them all have in common? An unrelenting optimism in the face of obstacles.  

In other words, disruption is a good thing! Disruption in the trucking industry means the playing field is leveled, and the small startups are going to be there to pick up the pieces.  You have a chance to play with the big guys!  It’s all about turning challenges into opportunities.

Now I don’t think you will be able to call one of Yellow’s customers and just earn their contract right away.  But this is an example of what I call the “Ripple Effect” working in your favor. 

Let’s say, Fedex decides to pursue an acquisition of Yellow, and take over their contracts at a fraction of the would be price.  To do this, they are going to have to move a lot of things around, and possibly drop some of their smaller contracts to pick up the load.  

And here’s where you come in to pick up the contract and start making the income of your dreams! And there you go, the chaos in the trucking industry becomes your blessing in disguise.

It’s all about your attitude and your ability to see opportunities when everyone else just sees doom and gloom.  

As the trucking industry continues to face enormous changes, it will be the entrepreneurs with the can-do attitude that will find hidden pieces of gold.  Make sure to pay close attention to the news, especially if it involves trucking or delivery.  

You should also maintain relationships in this industry.  By having a whole network of connections that you stay in touch with, you will be able to keep your ear to the ground on all the news and opportunities coming your way.  You never want to burn bridges in this industry.

That’s all for me! Good luck out there.  By the way, I write a blog about the commercial truck industry almost every week! Stay updated on the latest trends and market news on my blog!

Stay tuned for more insights and opportunities from the world of trucking.

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