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box truck liftgate and other accessories

Box trucks serve numerous industries, from delivery services to mobile businesses. The great thing is that you can make your box truck so much more functional to suite your exact business needs.  Introducing accessories! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top five accessories that every owner should consider for their box truck, starting with liftgates!. These accessories can enhance safety, organization, and productivity, making your box truck a more valuable asset to your business.

1. Box Truck Lift Gates

A box truck liftgate is arguably one of the most essential accessories for a box truck. It simplifies the process of loading and unloading heavy or bulky items, reducing the risk of injury to drivers and workers. There are different types of lift gates, [...]

box truck repairs and maintenance guide

Box trucks are the workhorses of many small businesses these days.  If you are facing box truck repairs, you could be out of income for weeks or months to come.  To ensure the smooth operation of your business, proper maintenance is crucial. In this blog, we’ll go over the essential box truck maintenance tips that will save you a ton of headaches down the line.

1. Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections is really the foundation of any maintenance routine. That way, you can save yourself the headache of dealing with box truck repairs before they ever even happen. You should set up daily inspections to look for any issues before they occur. Look for signs of wear and tear, leaks, loose components, and any visible damage. [...]

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